Kenya Ferry Toll Charges Calculator

how much is toll charges for cross Likoni Channel
Last Update: January 9th, 2020

Kenya Ferry Service Toll Charges

Vehicle Category Vehicle Length Toll Charges
Motor vehicle 3.5 KSh120
Motor vehicle 4.5 KSh120
Motor vehicle 6 KSh150
Motor vehicle (Land-Rover, 4 x 4) 6 KSh250
Pick-up 6 KSh150
Car (Towing) 3.5 to 6 KSh300
Vans (Kombi) 5 KSh280
Pick-up half ton 5 KSh280
Pick-up 1 ton 5 KSh280
Truck 5 KSh350
Truck 5.5 KSh350
Truck 6 KSh400
Truck 7 KSh600
Truck 7.5 KSh600
Truck 8 KSh700
Truck 8.5 KSh700
Truck 9 KSh850
Truck 9.5 KSh850
Truck 10 KSh900
Truck 11 KSh1,050
Truck 11.5 KSh1,050
Truck 12 KSh1,200
Truck 12.5 KSh1,200
Truck 13 KSh1,350
Truck 13.5 KSh1,350
Truck 14 KSh1,450
Truck 15 KSh1,500
Truck 15.5 KSh1,500
Truck 16 KSh1,600
Truck 16.5 KSh1,600
Truck on Tow 17 KSh1,700
Trailer (Empty) KSh7,000
Mini-bus 7 KSh600
Bus 9 to 11 KSh1,100
Petrol car KSh2,150
Fuel Tanker (Empty) KSh2,400
Petrol Trailer (Empty) KSh5,550
Motorcycle KSh50
Mkokoteni KSh50
Surcharge on Loaded Canter KSh220
Surcharge on Loaded Lorry KSh500
Surcharge on Loaded Tanker KSh500
Surcharge on Loaded Mkokoteni n/a 50
Surcharge on Loaded Pick-up n/a KSh80
Ten-wheeled Truck over 10 Tons n/a KSh2,500
Truck on Tow Over 17 KSh3,100
Pick-up/Kombi on Tow n/a KSh750
Bicycle (Loaded) n/a KSh0
Trailer (Loaded) n/a KSh7,950
Abnormal Load KSh15,950

Kenya Ferry Service Priority Pass Charges

Vehicle Category Priority Pass 6 Months Priority Pass 3 Months
Motorcycle KSh33,600 KSh16,800
Small/Saloon Car KSh72,000 KSh36,000
SUVs, 4x4 KSh86,400 KSh43,200
14 Seater Van KSh166,000 KSh83,000
Tour Company
14 Seater Van KSh166,000 KSh83,000
Mini Bus KSh316,800 KSh158,400