Net Pay Calculator with Tax Rates Of April 2020

how do you calculate gross salary from net pay
Last Update: July 29th, 2020
Net Pay KSh 0.00
NHIF Contribution KSh 0.00
Tax Paid (PAYE) KSh 0.00
Personal Relief KSh 0.00
Taxable Income KSh 0.00
Benefits in Kind KSh 0.00
Deductible NSSF Pension Contribution KSh 0.00
Gross Salary KSh 0.00

KRA PAYE Rates Effective 25stApril 2020

Monthly Taxable Pay Income Tax Rate
Up to KSh24,000 10%
KSh24,001 - KSh40,667 15%
KSh40,668 - KSh57,333 20%
Above KSh57,333 25%
Personal Relief: KSh 2,400 Per Month