KRA Turnover Tax TOT Calculator

Last Update: July 12th, 2021

Gross Sale Excluding TOT KSh 0.00
TOT Amount KSh 0.00
Gross Sale Including TOT KSh 0.00

How to Register for Turnover Tax on iTax

  1. Open iTax portal
  2. Enter KRA PIN, click Continue and Enter iTax password
  3. Answer the numerical security question to access your iTax account.
  4. To Register for Turnover Tax click on the Registration menu, select Amend PIN Details option
  5. In the e-Amendment of Registration form, select Online Form from  Mode of Amendment* options then click Next button
  6. In the Individual Registration Amendment Form check the option of PIN then select "Basic Information" in form below. Click Next button.
  7. In Section A : Basic Information form, select "YES" option on "Do you want to register for TOT *" question. A pop up will appear as below, Select "OK"
  8. In Obligation Details, enter your small business registration details as a source of business of income. Then Click Submit
  9. An iTax e-Return Acknowledgement receipt will be generated, Download the e-Return Acknowledge slip for your records.