NHIF Contribution Calculator

How Much Do I Put In My NHIF Medical Cover?

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a state-owned parastatal under the Ministry of Health with a mandate to provide accessible and affordable social health insurance.
The Health Insurance Act declares that both formal and informal sectors must enroll into the national healthcare program. Retirees, self employed persons and those working in the informal sector can openly and voluntarily register to contribute monthly, but all workers employed in the formal sector are required by law to become members of NHIF.
The National Hospital Insurance Fund is the primary provider of health care insurance for Kenyans. The health insurer envisions a brighter future where accessing quality and affordable health services at a national hospital for all members will happen quickly and without much hustles. These include various in-patient and outpatient health services in addition to the ward bed-focused services the fund previously covered. With global medical costs rising, it appears the changes were almost imminent.
The cost of an appointment, for instance, has crawled up to highs of KSh3,000. Most Kenyans find such a lump sum expensive particularly for its "on-the-spot" effect. The higher rates, on the other hand, contributed monthly, add up quickly than before making it financially easier for members to meet up otherwise costly medical procedures. But do the new rates justify value for money? Below is a comprehensive list of the benefits that the new NHIF rates of 2015 will help you and your loved ones access.
Out-Patient Cover In-Patient Cover Maternity Cover
General Consultation Consultation Consultation and treatment for both mother and child
Diagnostics and treatment of common ailments Hospital daily charges Child birth including caesarian section deliveries
Prescribed laboratory and X-ray investigation services Nursing care Family planning
Prescribed drugs administration and dispensing Prescribed diagnostic laboratory or other medically necessary services
Management of chronic ailments (HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Cancer) Physician's surgeon's, anesthetics' or physiotherapist's fess
Health and wellness education/healthcare counseling such as screening for conditions e.g. Cervical and Prostate Cancer Operating theatre charges
Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Specialist consultations or visits
Minor surgical services Prescribed drugs/Medications and dressings
Family planning/midwifery/ante/post-natal services
Referral for specialized services
Renal dialysis
The NHIF Act 2013, requires employers to enroll all their employees including house helps into the National Hospital Insurance Fund, action in contrast of which attracts a fine/penalty that is five times the premiums payable to the worker. Also, note that the self-employed or workers in the informal sector shall be required to contribute a monthly KSh500 to the NHIF effective 1st June 2014. In 2015, the NHIF deduction shall be calculated based on a new 6% rate.
Basically, salary tiers are the margins upon which your salary is divided to derive NHIF dues up for deduction. The monthly minimum contribution from the lowest income tier of up to KSh 5999 is KSh 150, a departure from the previous rates set by the repeal to the National Hospital Insurance Act (Cap 255) and enactment of the National Hospital Insurance Fund Act No. 9 in 1998.
Salary Rate
KSh 5,999 KSh 150
KSh 6,000 – 7,999 KSh 300
KSh 8,000 – 11,999 KSh 400
KSh 12,000 – 14,999 KSh 500
KSh 15,000 – 19,999 KSh 600
KSh 20,000 – 24,999 KSh 750
KSh 25,000 – 29,999 KSh 850
KSh 30,000 – 34,999 KSh 900
KSh 35,000 – 39,999 KSh 950
KSh 40,000 – 44,999 KSh 1,000
KSh 45,000 – 49,999 KSh 1,100
KSh 50,000 – 59,999 KSh 1,200
KSh 60,000 – 69,999 KSh 1,300
KSh 70,000 – 79,999 KSh 1,400
KSh 80,000 – 89,999 KSh 1,500
KSh 90,000 – 99,999 KSh 1,600
KSh 100,000 & Above KSh 1,700
Self-Employed KSh 500
If you work in the informal sector, you can use Lipa na M-PESA PayBill Number 200222 to remit your monthly NHIF contributions.
  • Go to M-Pesa menu, select the "Lipa na M-PESA" PayBill option
  • Select "Enter Business no."; and enter the NHIF PayBill business number 200222 and press "OK"
  • Enter Account no. i.e. National Identity number and press "OK"
  • Enter Amount that you wish to contribute
  • Enter M-PESA Pin
  • Confirm all the details are correct and press OK

You can check your NHIF Account status by following these steps on your mobile phone:

  • Compose New message
  • Type, "ID Number", followed by a space and then the National Identification number e.g ID 12345678
  • Send message to the number 21101