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Calculating Paye on Ksh 1,600,000

In Kenya, you need to be prepared to calculate Paye if you are an employer or an employee. Calculating Paye on Ksh 1,600,000 involves directly deducting this tax from your monthly salary before you receive your net pay. Let’s jump right in and calculate Paye for a significant monthly salary of Ksh 1,600,000. We’ll navigate through the tax brackets, identify the taxable income, and apply the appropriate tax rates to determine your Paye amount.

Summary Table

Firstly, let’s provide an overview of Lydia Asha’s Paye deductions with the following table:

DescriptionAmount (Ksh)
Basic Pay1,600,000.00
Taxable Pay1,597,840.00
Income Tax521,527.36
Insurance Relief-255.00
AHL Relief-3,600.00
Personal Relief-2,400.00
Pay After Tax1,082,567.64
Housing Levy24,000.00
Net Pay1,056,867.64

Lydia Asha’s Salary Breakdown

Basic Pay

To start with, Lydia Asha’s basic salary is Ksh 1,600,000. This amount serves as the foundation for all her Paye calculations.

NSSF Deduction

Next, we consider the NSSF deduction. This statutory contribution in Kenya amounts to Ksh 2,160.00 for Lydia.

Taxable Pay

Following the NSSF deduction, we calculate Lydia’s taxable pay. By subtracting the NSSF deduction from her basic salary, we determine that her taxable pay is Ksh 1,597,840.

Income Tax Calculation

Moving forward, we calculate Lydia’s income tax based on her taxable pay. Her income tax amounts to Ksh 521,527.36.


To reduce Lydia’s tax burden, several reliefs are applied. These include:

  1. Insurance Relief: Ksh 255.00
  2. AHL Relief: Ksh 3,600.00
  3. Personal Relief: Ksh 2,400.00

Adding these reliefs together gives us a total relief of Ksh 6,255. We then subtract this total relief from the income tax to arrive at Lydia’s Paye, which is Ksh 515,272.36.

Pay After Tax

After determining the Paye, we subtract it from Lydia’s taxable pay to find her pay after tax. Consequently, Lydia’s pay after tax is Ksh 1,082,567.64.

Additional Deductions

Additionally, there are other statutory deductions to consider. These include:

  1. NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund): Ksh 1,700.00
  2. Housing Levy: Ksh 24,000.00

Subtracting these amounts from Lydia’s pay after tax, we calculate her net pay. Therefore, Lydia’s net pay is Ksh 1,056,867.64.


By understanding the detailed breakdown of Lydia Asha’s salary, we can see how Paye and other statutory deductions are calculated in Kenya. This comprehensive approach ensures transparency and clarity, helping employees better manage their finances and understand their payslips. This step-by-step process highlights the importance of each component in determining the final net pay.

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