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M-PESA Cost Calculator: Take Control of Your M-PESA

An M-PESA calculator is a valuable tool for anyone using M-PESA services. By leveraging its features, you can manage your mobile money with confidence and make informed financial decisions

Functionalities of our M-PESA Calculator and how it helps you navigate the world of M-PESA transactions:

1. Cost of Sending Money to Other M-PESA Users: Sending money to family and friends within the M-PESA network is a common use case. The calculator allows you to input the amount you intend to send and displays the corresponding transaction fee based on the current M-PESA rates.

2. Cost of Sending to Other Mobile Networks: M-PESA allows transfers to other mobile money providers like Airtel Money and T-Kash. The calculator factors in these transactions and provides an estimated fee based on the recipient’s network and the amount you wish to send.

3. M-PESA Agent Withdrawal Charges: If you need cash, you can withdraw money from your M-PESA account at an agent’s outlet. The calculator helps you estimate the withdrawal fee based on the amount you plan to withdraw.

4. Maximum M-PESA Agent Withdrawal Limit: There’s a maximum limit on how much you can withdraw from your M-PESA balance at an agent. The calculator displays this limit, keeping you informed about the maximum amount accessible through this method.

5. Maximum ATM Withdrawal Limit: Similar to agent withdrawals, ATMs have a maximum withdrawal limit for M-PESA accounts. The calculator incorporates this information, allowing you to plan your ATM withdrawals efficiently.

6. Minimum M-PESA Balance for Sending Money: Maintaining a minimum balance in your M-PESA account is crucial. The calculator indicates the minimum required balance to send money to other M-PESA users.

7. Minimum Sending Amount Considering Withdrawal Charges: Sending small amounts might not be practical due to the combined transaction and withdrawal fees. The calculator can estimate the minimum amount you can send to another M-PESA user while still accounting for the withdrawal charge at an agent’s outlet.

Benefits of Using an M-PESA Calculator:

  • Financial Planning: By estimating transaction fees, you can budget effectively and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Informed Decisions: The calculator empowers you to choose the most cost-effective method for your M-PESA transactions.
  • Optimum Utilization: Knowing the minimum balance and transaction amounts helps you maximize the use of your M-PESA funds.

M-PESA Rates of 2024

Minimum Maximum Send To M-PESA Send To Other Networks Withdraw at Agent
Ksh1 Ksh49 N/A N/A N/A
Ksh50 Ksh100 N/A N/A Ksh10
Ksh101 Ksh500 Ksh7 Ksh7 Ksh29
Ksh501 Ksh1000 Ksh13 Ksh13 Ksh29
Ksh1,001 Ksh1,500 Ksh23 Ksh23 Ksh29
Ksh1,501 Ksh2,500 Ksh33 Ksh33 Ksh29
Ksh2,501 Ksh3,500 Ksh53 Ksh53 Ksh52
Ksh3,501 Ksh5,000 Ksh57 Ksh57 Ksh69
Ksh5,001 Ksh7,500 Ksh78 Ksh78 Ksh87
Ksh7,501 Ksh10,000 Ksh90 Ksh90 Ksh115
Ksh10,001 Ksh15,000 Ksh100 Ksh100 Ksh167
Ksh15,001 Ksh20,000 Ksh105 Ksh105 Ksh185
Ksh20,001 Ksh35,000 Ksh108 Ksh108 Ksh197
Ksh35,001 Ksh50,000 Ksh108 Ksh108 Ksh278
Ksh50,001 Ksh250,000 Ksh108 Ksh108 Ksh309

This table provides examples for various M-PESA transactions based on the provided rates:

Feature Description Example
Cost to Send Money to Other M-PESA Users Fee for sending money to other M-PESA accounts. If you send Ksh 800 to a friend within M-PESA, the cost would be Ksh 13 (referring to the Ksh 501 – Ksh 1000 row).
Cost to Send to Other Mobile Networks Fee for sending money to Airtel Money or Tkash accounts. Sending Ksh 2000 to an Airtel Money account would incur a fee of Ksh 33 (referring to the Ksh 1501 – Ksh 2500 row for “Send To Other Networks”).
Cost to Withdraw at M-PESA Agent Fee charged by M-PESA agents when withdrawing cash from your account. Withdrawing Ksh 4000 from an agent would result in a Ksh 52 withdrawal fee (referring to the Ksh 2501 – Ksh 3500 row).
Maximum Amount Withdrawable from M-PESA Balance at Agent Highest amount you can withdraw from your M-PESA account at an agent in a single transaction. The maximum amount you can withdraw from an agent at once is Ksh 250,000.
Maximum Amount Withdrawable from Mpesa Balance at ATM Highest amount you can withdraw from your M-PESA account at an ATM in a single transaction. The table doesn’t specify the ATM withdrawal limit, but it’s generally lower than agent withdrawal limits.
Minimum M-PESA Balance Amount before Sending Money to M-PESA Lowest balance you need to maintain in your M-PESA account to send money to other M-PESA users. There’s no minimum balance required to send money to other M-PESA users, as shown by the “N/A” in the Ksh 1 – Ksh 49 row (though sending such a small amount might not be practical due to fees).
Minimum Amount Required to Send Money including Withdrawal Charge to other M-PESA users Lowest amount you can send to another M-PESA user considering the withdrawal fee at an agent. To send money to another M-PESA user and still be able to withdraw the remaining balance from an agent, you’d need to consider the withdrawal fee. For example, if the agent withdrawal fee is Ksh 29 (referring to the Ksh 101 – Ksh 500 row), you’d need to send at least Ksh 129 (Ksh 29 + sending fee) to ensure you can withdraw the remaining balance.