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Calculating Paye on Ksh 4,000,000

Determining the exact amount of Paye to be withheld can sometimes seem like a complex task. Thankfully, the KRA has established a clear and methodical process for calculating Paye on Ksh 4,000,000. This process involves following the KRA’s guidelines and utilizing the Paye tables to arrive at the precise Paye amount to be deducted at source. This ensures that the employee fulfills their tax obligations throughout the tax year.

A table breakdown on Calculating Paye on Ksh 4,000,000 salary in Kenya

LabelAmount (Ksh)
Basic Pay4,000,000.00
Taxable Pay3,997,840.00
Income Tax1,361,527.36
Insurance Relief-255.00
AHL Relief-9,000.00
Personal Relief-2,400.00
Total Relief-11,655.00
Pay After Tax2,647,967.64
Housing Levy60,000.00
Net Pay2,586,267.64

Breakdown of Vanessa Rukia’s Payslip

To illustrate the Paye deductions, let’s examine the details of Vanessa Rukia’s payslip for the month.

Basic Pay

First, Vanessa’s basic monthly salary is Ksh 4,000,000. This amount is her gross income before any deductions.


Next, we deduct the NSSF contribution, which is mandatory for employees in Kenya. The standard NSSF deduction is Ksh 2,160.

Taxable Pay

After deducting NSSF, we calculate the taxable pay. Therefore, Vanessa’s taxable pay equals the basic pay minus the NSSF deduction, resulting in Ksh 3,997,840.

Income Tax

Then, we determine the income tax on Vanessa’s taxable pay, which amounts to Ksh 1,361,527.36.

Tax Reliefs

Kenyan tax laws provide for various tax reliefs, which reduce the amount of income tax payable. Vanessa is entitled to three types of reliefs:

  • Insurance Relief of Ksh 255.00,
  • AHL Relief of Ksh 9,000.00, and
  • Personal Relief of Ksh 2,400.00.

PAYE Calculation

To find the Paye, we subtract the total reliefs from the income tax. The total reliefs amount to Ksh 11,655.00. Therefore, we get the Paye as Ksh 1,349,872.36 by subtracting the total reliefs from the income tax.

Pay After Tax

After deducting the Paye, we calculate Vanessa’s pay after tax. The pay after tax is the taxable pay minus the Paye, which equals Ksh 2,647,967.64.

Other Deductions

Additionally, Vanessa has other statutory deductions. The NHIF deduction is Ksh 1,700.00, and the Housing Levy is Ksh 60,000.00.

Net Pay

Finally, to find Vanessa’s net pay, we subtract these deductions from her pay after tax. Vanessa’s net pay, after all deductions, amounts to Ksh 2,586,267.64.


In summary, Vanessa Rukia’s payslip shows a basic pay of Ksh 4,000,000, with various deductions and reliefs leading to a net pay of Ksh 2,586,267.64. Calculating Paye in Kenya involves understanding the various deductions and reliefs available. By breaking down the process step by step, employees like Vanessa can better understand their payslips and ensure accurate tax deductions.

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