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How much is Paye on Ksh250,000

In this article we are going to answer the question How much is Paye for Ksh,250,000.PAYE is a crucial part of Kenya’s tax system, ensuring employees contribute their fair share of taxes directly from their salaries. Follow along in calculating PAYE for Ksh,250,000. Let’s explore the PAYE system using the example of Fatma Maalim, an engineer earning Ksh. 250,000 per month. This will illustrate how various deductions and reliefs are applied to determine the net pay.

Breakdown of Fatma’s Salary:

DescriptionAmount (Ksh)Explanation
Basic Salary250,000This is Fatma’s gross pay before deductions.
NSSF Contribution (National Social Security Fund)2,160This is a mandatory social security contribution.
Taxable Pay247,840Basic Salary – NSSF Contribution
Income Tax69,135.36Calculated based on taxable income using KRA tax rates
Total Reliefs3,217.50This includes Insurance Relief, AHL Relief, and Personal Relief
PAYE65,917.86Income Tax – Total Reliefs
Pay After Tax181,922.14Taxable Pay – PAYE
NHIF Contribution (National Hospital Insurance Fund)1,700This is a mandatory health insurance contribution.
Housing Levy3,750This is a contribution towards affordable housing initiatives.
Net Pay176,472.14Pay After Taxes

Basic Salary and Initial Deductions

Fatma’s basic salary is Ksh250,000. The first deduction from this amount is for the NSSF, which is Ksh. 2,160.

Calculating Taxable Pay

After deducting the NSSF contribution, we get Fatma’s taxable pay:

Taxable Pay = Basic Pay – NSSF
Taxable Pay = 250,000 – 2,160
Taxable Pay = 247,840

Income Tax Calculation

Next, we calculate the income tax based on the taxable pay. For Fatma, the income tax due is Ksh. 69,135.36.

Applying Tax Reliefs

Kenya’s tax system offers several reliefs to reduce the overall tax burden. For Fatma, the following reliefs apply:

  • Insurance Relief: Ksh. 255.00
  • AHL Relief: Ksh. 562.50
  • Personal Relief: Ksh. 2,400.00

We subtract these reliefs from the total income tax to determine the PAYE:

Total Reliefs = Insurance Relief + AHL Relief + Personal Relief
Total Reliefs = 255 + 562.50 + 2,400
Total Reliefs = 3,217.50

PAYE = Income Tax – Total Reliefs
PAYE = 69,135.36 – 3,217.50
PAYE = 65,917.86

Determining Pay After Tax

To find Fatma’s pay after tax, we subtract the PAYE from the taxable pay:

Pay After Tax = Taxable Pay – PAYE
Pay After Tax = 247,840 – 65,917.86
Pay After Tax = 181,922.14

Additional Deductions

There are also additional statutory deductions, including:

  • NHIF: Ksh. 1,700.00
  • Housing Levy: Ksh. 3,750.00

We subtract these from the pay after tax to determine the net pay:

Net Pay = Pay After Tax – NHIF – Housing Levy
Net Pay = 181,922.14 – 1,700 – 3,750
Net Pay = 176,472.14


In summary, here are Fatma’s payroll deductions and net pay:

  • Basic Pay: Ksh. 250,000.00
  • NSSF: Ksh. 2,160.00
  • Taxable Pay: Ksh. 247,840.00
  • Income Tax: Ksh. 69,135.36
  • Insurance Relief: Ksh. 255.00
  • AHL Relief: Ksh. 562.50
  • Personal Relief: Ksh. 2,400.00
  • PAYE: Ksh. 65,917.86
  • Pay After Tax: Ksh. 181,922.14
  • NHIF: Ksh. 1,700.00
  • Housing Levy: Ksh. 3,750.00
  • Net Pay: Ksh. 176,472.14

Understanding how PAYE and other deductions work is essential for employees to manage their finances effectively. This example clearly shows how statutory contributions and tax reliefs interact to determine the final take-home pay.

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