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How to Calculate PAYE for Ksh200,000 in Kenya

This article aims to shed light on the various PAYE deductions reflected on Mwangi Kamau’s payslip. We’ll explore each deduction and its purpose. First, let’s delve into the significance of PAYE deductions. PAYE deductions are a fundamental aspect of any employed individual’s payslip, ensuring that taxes are withheld from their salary throughout the year, rather than in a lump sum at year-end. This system aids in the smooth functioning of government revenue collection and helps individuals manage their tax obligations efficiently. Now, let’s dissect Mwangi Kamau’s payslip to understand the specific deductions and their purposes.

Breakdown of Mwangi Kamau’s Payslip

A table outlining Mwangi Kamau’s salary and deductions is provided below:

DescriptionAmount (KES)
Basic Pay200,000.00
Taxable Pay197,840.00
Income Tax-54,135.36
Insurance Relief255.00
AHL Relief450.00
Personal Relief-2,400.00
Pay After Tax146,809.64
Housing Levy-3,000.00
Net Pay142,109.64

Navigating through Mwangi Kamau’s payslip involves understanding various deductions, particularly those related to PAYE (Pay As You Earn). These deductions play a crucial role in managing tax obligations and ensuring financial stability. Let’s delve deeper into each deduction and its significance.


Mandatory for all employees, the NSSF deduction contributes to Mwangi Kamau’s retirement benefits. It ensures financial security in his post-employment years.

Income Tax

Income tax, determined by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), is levied on taxable income. This deduction is pivotal in funding government initiatives and public services.


Implemented to collect income tax throughout the year, PAYE involves monthly deductions from Mwangi Kamau’s salary. This proactive approach prevents hefty tax bills at year-end, offering financial stability.

Reliefs (Insurance, AHL, Personal)

These deductions aim to reduce Mwangi Kamau’s taxable income, thus lowering his tax liability:

  • Insurance Relief: Eases the burden of private medical insurance premiums.
  • AHL Relief: Offers tax benefits for contributions to registered Alternative Housing Investment Schemes.
  • Personal Relief: Grants a basic tax-free amount to all taxpayers, enhancing financial flexibility.


Mandatory for all employees, NHIF contributions provide access to medical cover through government and select private healthcare facilities. This ensures healthcare affordability and accessibility for Mwangi Kamau and his family.

Housing Levy

The Housing Levy deduction channels funds towards government initiatives for affordable housing programs. This contribution addresses housing challenges and promotes sustainable urban development.


Understanding PAYE deductions empowers Mwangi Kamau to manage his finances effectively and plan for future expenses. By grasping the purpose of each deduction, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their financial well-being. For further clarification or assistance, consulting with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is advisable.

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