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How Much is Paye on Ksh 1,200,000?

This article offers a comprehensive look at Paye deductions, vital for Kenyan employees to manage their finances effectively. It examines the deductions applicable to Charity Mwendwa, who earns a monthly salary of Ksh 1,200,000. Included is a detailed guide on how to calculate Paye on Ksh 1,200,000. Through an analysis of her payslip, the article demonstrates how these deductions directly affect her net pay.

A Table Breakdown of Paye on Ksh 1,200,000

Here’s a structured table detailing the breakdown.

ComponentAmount (Ksh)
Basic Salary1,200,000.00
Taxable Pay1,197,840.00
Income Tax381,527.36
Insurance Relief-255.00
AHL Relief-2,700.00
Personal Relief-2,400.00
Pay After Tax821,667.64
Housing Levy18,000.00
NET PAY801,967.64

Gross Salary Breakdown

To begin with, Charity Mwendwa’s gross salary, which comes in at Ksh 1,200,000. This crucial figure serves as the foundation for all subsequent calculations and deductions that will be applied to determine her net pay. In other words, it’s the total amount Charity earns before any taxes or contributions are taken out.

Statutory Deductions

NSSF Contribution

Then, we encounter the NSSF contribution. Every Kenyan employee, mandated by law, contributes a portion of their salary towards retirement benefits. This contribution is deducted directly from Charity’s gross salary, amounting to Ksh 2,160.00. Therefore, her taxable income is Ksh 1,197,840.00.

Calculating Income Tax

Next, income tax is calculated based on the taxable pay after deducting the NSSF contribution. The income tax on this amount totals Ksh 381,527.36.

Income Tax: Ksh 381,527.36

Reliefs and Rebates

Insurance Relief

Moreover, employees like Charity Mwendwa are entitled to insurance relief if they have medical or life insurance policies. She receives an insurance relief of Ksh 255.00.

AHL Relief

In addition to insurance relief, there is also the AHL relief totaling Ksh 2,700.00. This relief aims to encourage home ownership among Kenyans.

Personal Relief

Furthermore, every employee is entitled to a personal relief, currently standing at Ksh 2,400.00.

Total Reliefs:
Insurance Relief: Ksh 255.00
AHL Relief: Ksh 2,700.00
Personal Relief: Ksh 2,400.00
Total Reliefs: Ksh 5,355.00

Net PAYE Calculation

After accounting for the reliefs, the Paye is calculated as follows:

Income Tax: Ksh 381,527.36
Total Reliefs: Ksh 5,355.00
PAYE: Ksh 376,172.36

Final Salary Breakdown

Pay After Tax

Subsequently, after deducting the Paye, Charity’s pay after tax amounts to Ksh 821,667.64.

PAYE: Ksh 376,172.36
Pay After Tax: Ksh 821,667.64

NHIF Contribution

Additionally, the NHIF contribution is Ksh 1,700.00, providing essential health insurance coverage.

NHIF Contribution: Ksh 1,700.00

Housing Levy

Further adding to this, a housing levy of Ksh 18,000.00 is deducted to fund affordable housing projects.

Housing Levy: Ksh 18,000.00

Net Pay

Conclusively, the net pay after all deductions is calculated as follows:

Pay After Tax: Ksh 821,667.64
NHIF Contribution: Ksh 1,700.00
Housing Levy: Ksh 18,000.00
Net Pay: Ksh 801,967.64


In summary, Charity Mwendwa’s example vividly illustrates the various deductions that impact an employee’s salary in Kenya. With a gross salary of Ksh 1,200,000, her net pay after all statutory deductions and reliefs amounts to Ksh 801,967.64. Understanding these deductions is essential for employees to effectively plan their finances and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

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