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How to Calculate Paye for Ksh 850,000

How to calculate Paye for Ksh 850,000 may feel like such a complexity. However, our guide simplifies it all step by step.Understanding Paye deductions in Kenya is essential for both employers and employees. This tax ensures fair contributions towards national development. To make the process clearer, let’s break down the Paye calculation using Hilda Wanja’s payslip as an example.

Understanding Hilda Wanja’s Payslip

First, let’s review the details from Hilda Wanja’s payslip:

DescriptionAmount (Ksh)
Basic Pay850,000.00
– NSSF Contribution– 2,160.00
Taxable Pay847,840.00
– Income Tax– 259,027.36
+ Insurance Relief+ 255.00
+ AHL Relief+ 1,912.50
+ Personal Relief+ 2,400.00
Pay After Tax593,380.14
– NHIF Contribution– 1,700.00
– Housing Levy– 12,750.00
Net Pay578,930.14

Calculating PAYE Step-by-Step

To accurately calculate Paye, we need to follow several steps.

1. Determining Taxable Income

First, we need to determine Hilda’s taxable income. Her taxable income is Ksh 847,840.00 after deducting the mandatory NSSF contribution of Ksh 2,160.00 from her gross income of Ksh 850,000.00.

2. Calculating Gross Tax Due

Next, we calculate the gross tax due. Income tax rates in Kenya are progressive, meaning they increase with higher income levels. For Hilda’s taxable income of Ksh 847,840.00, the tax is calculated based on the rates applicable to her income bracket. This results in an income tax of Ksh 259,027.36.

3. Applying Tax Relief

After calculating the gross tax due, we apply various tax reliefs to reduce the amount payable. These reliefs include:

  • Insurance Relief: -Ksh 255.00
  • AHL Relief: -Ksh 1,912.50
  • Personal Relief: -Ksh 2,400.00

These deductions are essential as they lower the taxable amount, thereby reducing the total Paye payable.

4. Computing P.A.Y.E

Once the reliefs are applied, the Paye amount is calculated. For Hilda, this amounts to Ksh 254,459.86. This is the final tax amount deducted from her salary.

5. Determining Net Pay

Finally, we determine Hilda’s net pay. After deducting Paye, NHIF, and the Housing Levy from her gross salary, the remaining amount is Hilda’s net pay. In this instance, her net pay is Ksh 578,930.14. This includes:

  • Pay After Tax: Ksh 593,380.14
  • NHIF Contribution: -Ksh 1,700.00
  • Housing Levy: -Ksh 12,750.00


Understanding Paye deductions is crucial for compliance with Kenyan tax laws and effective financial planning. Employers must accurately calculate and deduct Paye from employees’ salaries, while employees should review their payslips to ensure deductions are correctly applied. By comprehending these calculations, individuals like Hilda Wanja can manage their finances better and contribute to the nation’s development through tax compliance. Accurate Paye calculations not only ensure legal compliance but also foster trust and transparency between employers and employees.

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