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Paye on Ksh 650,000

The Paye system is a crucial aspect of Kenya’s tax regime, ensuring that individuals contribute to the national revenue based on their earnings. Let’s break down Paye on Ksh 650,000. Understanding how Paye is calculated can be complex, but it’s essential for both employers and employees. We are going to use use the example of Irene Mutua, who has a basic pay of Ksh 650,000.00.

Paye on Ksh 650,000 Breakdown

ComponentAmount (Ksh)
Basic Pay650,000.00
NSSF Contribution2,160.00
Taxable Pay647,840.00
Income Tax192,831.36
Insurance Relief-255.00
AHL Relief-1,462.50
Personal Relief-2,400.00
Pay After Tax459,126.14
NHIF Contribution1,700.00
Housing Levy9,750.00
Net Pay447,676.14

Basic Pay: Ksh 650,000.00

Irene’s gross income, or basic pay, is Ksh 650,000.00. This is the starting point for calculating her Paye.

NSSF Contribution: Ksh 2,160.00

The NSSF is a mandatory contribution for employees in Kenya. For Irene, this amounts to Ksh 2,160.00, which is deducted from her gross income.

Taxable Pay: Ksh 647,840.00

After deducting the NSSF contribution from the basic pay, we get Irene’s taxable pay, which is Ksh 647,840.00.

Income Tax: Ksh 192,831.36

Next, we calculate the income tax based on the taxable pay. Kenya uses a graduated tax rate, but for simplicity, let’s assume Irene falls within the highest tax bracket. Hence, her income tax is Ksh 192,831.36.

Tax Reliefs

Irene is eligible for several tax reliefs:

  • Insurance Relief: Ksh 255.00
  • AHL Relief: Ksh 1,462.50
  • Personal Relief: Ksh 2,400.00

We deduct these reliefs from the income tax to determine the final Paye.

Paye Calculation

Now, we calculate the Paye by subtracting the tax reliefs from the income tax, which results in a Paye of Ksh 188,713.86.

Pay After Tax: Ksh 459,126.14

To find Irene’s pay after tax, we subtract the Paye from the taxable pay, resulting in Ksh 459,126.14.

NHIF Contribution: Ksh 1,700.00

The NHIF is another mandatory deduction. For Irene, this amounts to Ksh 1,700.00.

Housing Levy: Ksh 9,750.00

The Housing Levy is a new contribution aimed at supporting affordable housing. For Irene, this is Ksh 9,750.00.

Net Pay: Ksh 447,676.14

Finally, we calculate the net pay by subtracting the NHIF and Housing Levy from the pay after tax. Irene’s net pay is Ksh 447,676.14.


For Irene Mutua, with a basic pay of Ksh 650,000.00, the Paye calculation involves several steps. These include deductions for NSSF, applying tax reliefs, and considering other mandatory contributions like NHIF and the Housing Levy. After all deductions, Irene’s net pay is Ksh 447,676.14. Understanding this breakdown is crucial for employees to know their contributions and net earnings accurately.

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